Uber vs. Private Airport Transfers Gold Coast

iStock_000016870734_SmallMany people have been debating over what transportation method is better….Uber or Private transportation services?


It is very hard for some people to make a comparison. Believe or not – both services are very different, and most people don’t seem to notice.


My biggest gripe with Uber is their recruitment process, just about anyone can drive for Uber;  their recruitment process is nowhere tough enough.  Private transportation on the other hand goes through a vigorous process with the QLD Motor Transport Department.  The Uber service is app based, therefore you never speak or communicate with a human and not every person has access to the internet to ask for their ride, especially the elderly and passengers who don’t have cellular service because they come from another country.


Uber is a great service with some people and I shouldn’t put them down as it is healthy to have competition.  But in today’s society it’s all about service and safety.  Private transportation a quality service than Uber, and if you are a family you are definitely after safety for your family and all private transportation has child restraints available.  If you are a corporate person looking for transportation with the quality standards that a corporate person requires you MUST use private transportation.. You can always expect a more professional dress code than the average Uber driver; nothing wrong with dressing comfortable but when you are looking for corporate transportation there are certain requirements that need to be filled.


It is very hard to compare a cattle truck with a first class service.  Although I must agree there is room for both services but a private transportation service it is a more comfortable and professional option than Uber or Taxis.


Uber has had some very mixed reviews, there are one-time-posters (which usually means fake) who have vague, glowing reviews. Others, have had terrible luck with Uber the cars not showing up, or they decide they don’t want to take you at all. There have been problems reported of price hiking and not knowing where they were supposed to pick you up from.  Most Uber drivers seem to be amateurs trying to make a few bucks.


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