Private Airport Transfer Service vs Airport Shuttle Service!

SHUTTLE BUS GIFWhen you are flying into the Gold Coast, you might consider a private Gold Coast Airport transfer rather than a an airport shuttle service. There are so many benefits to a private airport transfer and wouldn’t it be so nice if there was someone to greet you at the airport and transfer you in comfort and safety.

Who wants  to spend time waiting at the airport with your luggage when all you want to do is arrive at your destination!

Depending on what time your flight comes in you may be out of luck for an airport shuttle at all. This is because the airport shuttles only run at certain times and you might find yourself waiting for several hours.

Who wants to spend  time on a airport shuttle service while other passengers are being dropped off?

An airport shuttle service can have many different drop off locations prior to your destination which adds extra onto your travelling time. It is much better to have a pre-arranged private airport transfer, than it is to be stuck riding on an airport shuttle. You will save time and you won’t have to worry about being crammed into another small space with lots of people, while you try to make it to your destination.

Experience a private airport transfer and see why it is the best way to travel to your accommodation!

Contact Surf City Transfers ahead of time and we will have your own personal driver greet you at the airport, help you with your luggage and transfer you to your accommodation.

Surf City Transfers is your own private transportation, which means you have your own space. This is so nice after you’ve been crammed on an aeroplane for hours. You will ride in comfort to your hotel without being bothered by other passengers and drop offs.

We can also cater for your own personal needs, such as surfboards, pets, a wheelchair and most importantly, complimentary child restraints. These are so important to keep the little ones safe.

We are cost effective as we charge a set rate for the vehicle, not per passenger.  We pride ourselves in our excellence to customer service, reliability and promise to transfer you and your luggage from the airport to your destination in comfort and by the most direct route.

Visit our Gold Coast Services page or simply fill in the “Request a Quote” form and Karen our booking consultant can help you with booking your Gold Coast Airport Transfer.