3 Seat Mercedes CLS350

Riding in the Mercedes CLS is so serene that every passenger will enjoy the experience because it’s all class, all luxury and all style. It has an attractive “coupe like” styling, is immensely popular and gives you the ultimate luxuryREAD MORE>>

Mercedes Valente

Safety features include front window and thorax air bags while additional décor items include fully carpeted floors, soft touch cockpit and heavily tinted rear glass from the side pillar back.   The Mercedes Benz Valente is wonderfully built, and theREAD MORE>>

Ford Territory Ghia

Pure luxury 7 seater SUV, beautifully executed interior, supple ride, first-class quality. Space, versatility, and accessibility equate to comfort, practicality, and ease of use for all important ingredients for any SUV.   •    Leather Interior •    DVD Player •    Climate Control Air-ConditioningREAD MORE>>

Mercedes Viano

On the road, the Mercedes Benz Viano feels as safe, and as solid, as a rock. The van has a super chassis that ensures that the van body remains balanced, and in control, in all road-work.   Grip levels areREAD MORE>>