Flying with Babies and Children – Surf City Transfers

Family traveling by airplanePlanning a holiday with your children can be really fun and exciting but children can sometimes be hard to travel with. The idea of flying with children is probably the biggest single cause of stress for travelling parents. Nobody looks forward to lugging a lot of luggage through the airport with a tired and unhappy child (or children) in tow, and the prospect of keeping them seated, quiet, and happy for hours on end can be terrifying.



While I can’t promise that your children won’t have a melt down. These travel tips will hopefully make your journey stress free and keep everyone in a better mood!


Plan in advance: Planning in advance is really important if you are traveling with children. Remember when it was just the two of you and you would just book your tickets and think about the hotels or cab facilities after landing? Well, you now have children and planning ahead is crucial to make the whole trip stress free. Plan everything in advance like booking hotel rooms, private airport transfers (which supply child restraints) etc so that you do not have anything to worry about besides yourself and your children, once you land. Do check with your airlines regarding the bassinet or stroller service they provide as this can be a blessing in disguise.


Fly at night (internationally): Booking an overnight flight will give you an edge because your children will be fast asleep during most of the time and you won’t have to worry about them becoming irritated or bored. If you plan to fly during the day you might have to face some challenges but hey! who knows your children better than you, so just make a decision that suits you best.


In Flight: Do not forget to take your mobile or iPad with you as you are going to definitely need it and install your children’s favorite games, apps. Most airlines supply coloring kits but it is also worth taking their favorite toys as well. These will all help to keep your children overcome bored on the flight or even while waiting at the airport. Most airlines have flight entertainment so that your children can watch movies. Enjoy your flight and let your children enjoy their time flying.


Taking off and landing:Babies and young children do not know how to clear their ears to reduce the pressure during takeoff and landing. Unless your child is asleep, you will need to help them. For older children, gum is a good aid and for babies a bottle, or a pacifier will work. In addition to helping with ear pressure, milk also acts as a mild sedative, so feeding your child can set the stage for drifting off to sleep. Young babies often sleep well in flight with the motion of the plane and the engine noise providing a very soothing environment.


Surf City Transfers provide family friendly Gold Coast Airport Transfers and Brisbane Airport Transfers with complimentary child restraints. Simply fill out the “Request a Quote” form and our booking consultant will email you a quote or phone 1300 789 171 for an instant quote over the phone.