A Whale Of A Season – Visit Whale Watching On The Gold Coast With Our Transfers

Have you always wanted to see a whale up close and personal? The Gold Coast has had a great season for whale watching and so we want to share our knowledge!

The Gold Coast has the longest Whale Watching Season in Australia from June to early November each year.

There are no words to describe the magnificent feeling of watching the majestic Humpback Whale in its natural environment – the moment that this beautiful creature breaks the surface, and that feeling deep inside leaves you in awe of all you’ve just witnessed.

Come and see these remarkable mammals migrate north to warmer waters to give birth and/or mate, and return south with their newborn calves. This amazing journey is a truly captivating experience, as right before your very eyes these 40 ton Humpback Whales, breach, wave their pectoral fins and slap their tails.

Whale Watching is a rare experience. Sight seeing such powerful, enormous creatures and the grace with which they move, leap and twist out of the water is a memorable time and one that remains with you for life! You should see it at least once in your life.

Take to the seas and get up close and personal with these magnificent mammals, and maybe even their beautiful newborn calves.

Depending on which airport you arrive at you will require either a Gold Coast Airport Transfers or a Brisbane Airport Transfer.

We here at Surf City Transfers can offer you both a reliable and professional service. Your driver will pick you up at the airport and take you smoothly to your accommodation.

This is your opportunity to marvel at the majestic Humpback Whales in their natural environment with the stunning Gold Coast skyline glistening in the background. Take home unique memories that only Mother Nature can provide.

Your adventure begins today… Experience the unforgettable grace of Humpback Whales on the Gold Coast! Contact us or visit either our Gold Coast or Brisbane Airport Transfers pages.